About us

Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision:
Pulsate Ambulance (Pty) Ltd will provide quality emergency medical care with optimal outcomes that meet the growing needs communities may have, while maintaining a safe and productive work environment and optimal learning experience for our staff and volunteers

Our Mission:
Pulsate Ambulance (Pty) Ltd is dedicated to ensuring that every patient is provided the highest quality pre-hospital emergency care. We endeavor to:
* Promote the emotional and physical health of every patient we treat.
* Serve as an educational and experience-oriented opportunity for those involved in the field of emergency medicine.
* Pursue and employ the latest technological, pharmaceutical, and medical advances.
*Continue to mature and evolve with the changing needs of the community.
* Include our participation in joint ventures and combined relationships with other organizations.
* Accentuate excellence and service in all we do.

Our Values:
As we work together to fulfill this vision and mission, we value:
* Respect – Treating our patients and peers with respect as we would like to be treated.
* Service – Commitment and dedication to those we serve.
* Honesty – An ethical and integral approach to all we do.
* Team work– Working together using structured problem solving and team work to produce better ideas and to accomplish more.
* Oversight – Efficient, safe, responsible, use of all resources, including equipment, supplies, personnel, and finances.
* Quality enhancement and Assurance – Continuous improvement in services, information, courtesy, and responsiveness provided to our patients.

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