The Director

About the Director

Shuaib Ebrahim is a young, self motivated paramedic who began his search for medical excellence at the tender age of 15.

After practising as a volunteer, often serving 24 hour shifts for three years, amidst the pressure of schooling, lacking sleep, and becoming a well known voluntary paramedic among his school teachers and peers, Ebrahim went on to complete his formal training at age 18 and continued his medical journey.

Ebrahim soon became well known in his community for his enthusiasm, empathy, respect and dedication towards those he treats, their families and friends alike.

Following his work in various medical organisations, he found himself discontented with the services provided for communities, and, driven by passion and excellence, determined, and un-wavered went on to begin his own service.

With excellence, quality improvement, and integrity as the basis of what we stand for, Pulsate endeavors to serve, with respect, all those we treat .

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