Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct defines standards of conduct to be followed by practitioners of the Pulsate Team of Paramedics. Our primary aim is to ensure registered practitioners provide proficient, safe, and ethical emergency Medical Care, consistent with the laws laid out by bodies in charge, i.e. BHF and HPCSA.

Ethical Behaviour of a Pulsate Employee
1. Providing the most effective, efficient, safe, and high quality patient care as is reasonably possible.
2. Treating all patients with respect and integrity
3. Promoting the well being of all patients to the best of his/her abilities.
4. Maintaining and improving professional competencies by actively engaging in changing protocols, updating CPD points and other opportunities for life-long learning.
5. Protecting and maintaining patient confidentiality in accordance with the requirements of the HPCSA.
6. Recognizing the limitations of one’s competencies (level of qualification) and respecting the competencies of others in the care and treatment of all patients.

Responsibility of the Ethical Practitioner to his/her Patient
1. Providing patient care within the level of his/her competencies and seeking conference with other more competent regulated health care professionals when/ where necessary.
2. Providing high quality patient care, including physical comfort and emotional support, to the extent that the practitioner is reasonably able to provide.
3. Once having accepted accountability for a patient or the provision of patient care, continuing to provide care until it is no longer required or until another appropriately qualified health care professional has accepted responsibility for care.
Responsibilities of the Pulsate Employee to the Paramedic Profession
1. Ensuring that one’s conduct reflects optimistically on the integrity of the profession and the company
2. Understanding the importance of personal safety and that practitioners are not obligated to place themselves in harm’s way beyond what a sensible practitioner would do.
3. Maintaining familiarity with current applicable legislation (HPSCA & BHF) and practice, and striving to work to the fullest extent of his/her competencies.

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