verb: pulsate; 3rd person present: pulsates; past tense: pulsated; past participle: pulsated; gerund or present participle: pulsating

Expand and contract with strong regular movements.
be very exciting.

“blood vessels throb and pulsate”

Produce a regular throbbing sensation or sound.
“dance the night away in one of the pulsating discos”

Synonyms: palpitate, pulse, throb, vibrate, pump, undulate, surge, heave, rise and fall, ebb and flow; More beat, pound, thud, thump, hammer, drum, thrum, oscillate, reverberate;
tick, flutter, pitter-patter, go pit-a-pat, quiver;

“The flesh of the clam pulsates gently as water is pumped through it”

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